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Blogs a Must for Some Companies

We have discussed many great tips on setting up Blogs for businesses.  It’s a great way to relay current information to customers and in some cases it is an absolute must.

Today we are going to examine one such site.  The burl is http://www.destinationstationseries.com/. The company is Iron Fire publishing and they just finished their first children’s book called “The Greedy Race Car Driver”.  I my self ended up making an order because it is a rather unique product.  More on that later.

The reason we wanted to examine the site is because it’s 100% flash based.  That means that the on page SEO factors (Search Engine Optimization) will be very limited.  They can still place in Meta tags like Description and Keywords as well as a title but that is it.

Situations like these require a blog.  Luckily they must of known this because they implemented one.  It is very important for all based flash sites to have an area of the site that can be used for on page SEO factors.  Search engines can not read flash pages and if your site is all flash they will not understand what your site is about and you will have to focus on off page SEO as well as other means of marketing to drive traffic to the site.

Having a blog will not only help them drive more traffic to the site but if you examine theirs you will see they are using it to relay information to their potent ional customers and make announcements about their first book.  This is the perfect example of a business that would require a Blog.

I do think they should implement a kind of newsletter that members could subscribe to.  This would enable fans who like the book being able to keep up to date with the next book in the series and it’s a great way to gain repeat customers.

Now I mentioned earlier that I purchased the book.  The reason was from the article I found on Ezine articles called Teaching Children Values Through Reading.  This book series is called a project book.  In a nut shell you not only get the book but a rather large wooden race car that goes with the book.  The car has to be assembled and thus the term project book.  I think this is a great way for me to spend time with my 7 years old and at the same time build the toy with him and read the book.  The book is about teaching a very important life lesson.  Read the Ezine review for a full review or just visit their site and see how it is built.

Think how much harder it would be to sell this book if they did not have a blog.

Be sure to post your comments.  I have already contacted the owner of this site so he should chime in soon as well.  I’m sure this publisher would love to hear your feedback.

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