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The Importance the Web plays for small Businesses

It still amazes me when I meet a new client and they ask me if the whole advertising online and ranking high in search engines is worth the cost and effort.

I have many different success stories I can go into but here are two very simple ones.

The first is for a young mand in Omaha who has started his own lawn care company.  He had a zero advertising budget so he could not take advantage of adwords but he did have a little cash and wanted not just a website built but SEO work so he would rank higher in the search engines and get him clients for free.  I took on the job charging next to nothing for him because I love to help out young business owners because I was only 19 when I started my first company and no one would give me the time of day.

Here he is 6 months later and he now has a nice list of clients.  He did no other advertising.  NO PHONE BOOK AD.  NO PAYING FOR ADVERTISEMENT AT ALL.  I spoke with him just this last week and he got a total of 6 calls over the weekend and booked 4 of those jobs.  I should also mention that 3 of them are now wanting him to mow every week for them.

Another great example is a man in Fort Collins CO.  After 20 years of carpet cleaning he started his own company.  Like most small business owners he had very little funds and no clients.  He spent a total of 700 dollars with me for a website and SEO work and now he brings in clients every week from his website.  That 700 was a one time fee.  It’s been nearly 8 months since I did anything for his website and he is still bringing in the cash.

When it comes to small local businesses who offer a service like the above it can often times be the best investment they will ever make to have a website built for them and SEO work done.  It is not too hard to have a company rank for their service if they only serve a local area.  Getting ranked high for omaha lawn mowing or carpet cleaning fort collins is far easier then most think.

So to sum it up yes a website is a must for small businesses.

Another great story comes out of this recession we are in.  A small horse tack supplier in a smaller city of 100,000 thousand people was seeing his company go under.  He worked hard but people just wasn’t spending money on horses.  After all for most people, having a horse costs a ton of money.

He turned to the internet for salvation.  He now makes most of his sales online and ships out product to places all over the world.  Sure it did cost him an up front investment of three thousand to fully set-up his website, SEO and training but he has already made his investment back and he swears that if he did not open a store online he would not have a company today.

For those super micro companies with no budget at all you can still get a website up and going for very little cash.  All you need to do is purchase a domain name at a place like godday.  Setup a hosting account some were like hostgator.  Then find someone who will build you out a site.  Many people can get a great looking site built for under 200 bucks.

When it comes to SEO work you can always find tips online for doing it yourself.  This site in fact has many guides on doing SEO to rank higher.

If you want a free consultation on your website I may be able to help.  Just post a comment bellow with your website and I will get back to you soon.

  • Posted on: May 7th, 2009
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