The Importance the Web plays for small Businesses

It still amazes me when I meet a new client and they ask me if the whole advertising online and ranking high in search engines is worth the cost and effort.

I have many different success stories I can go into but here are two very simple ones.

The first is for a young mand in Omaha who has started his own lawn care company.  He had a zero advertising budget so he could not take advantage of adwords but he did have a little cash and wanted not just a website built but SEO work so he would rank …

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Blogs a Must for Some Companies

We have discussed many great tips on setting up Blogs for businesses.  It’s a great way to relay current information to customers and in some cases it is an absolute must.

Today we are going to examine one such site.  The burl is The company is Iron Fire publishing and they just finished their first children’s book called “The Greedy Race Car Driver”.  I my self ended up making an order because it is a rather unique product.  More on that later.

The reason we wanted to examine the site is because it’s 100% flash based.  That means that …

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Are you creating a business or a J.O.B?

Are You Creating a Job or a Business?

Picture three would-be entrepreneurs, each signing up for a seminar on Starting Your Own Business.

· The first one thinks, “Great. I’d love to leave my job and work for myself. I’d rather work hard and be my own boss, even if it’s risky.”

· Another one smiles, as he imagines the endless possibility of being able to pursue his hobby as a business. “I could take the early retirement my company is offering, and make a little extra money doing something I enjoy.”

· The last one envisions something entirely different. …

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Yes. Jesus failed.

Even Jesus was a Failure too!

Jesus was a Failure too! I don’t want to get into a pissing match with you about the fact that you think that Jesus was perfect, but in fact he was not, now don’t get me wrong, i don’t believe he ever committed a sin, but I have to believe he made mistakes.

This should make you at least feel better about your own life, if you are emulating Jesus. This might come to you as a surprise but I will allow you to process the information below.

Think for a minute, Jesus was …

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Drive By Commenting

Nice Shot?

Really Nice Shot, If you were trying to NOT hit the target then you are the best I’ve ever seen.  If you were trying to hit the target then. YOU SUCK!.  The problem is if I asked Blogger’s what their Target is most won’t be able to come up with anything specific other than: “lot’s of traffic”.  But what exactly does that mean.


There are 3 types of blog traffic Direct, Referral and Search Engine Traffic.

  • Direct Traffic

Direct traffic is from someone, anyone typing in your web address into their browser and coming directly to your …