Top100 (300 to 357)

Numbers are only as good as they say they are.

I have been looking around for a site that has listed the best blogs, and ran into which is run by Mark Wielgus.  I took a good look at the site, and while I was impressed with such a compilation I was curious to see if while it says it was updated weekly if it truely was.  The Top 50 were sure to be all active, meaning active within the last week, So I started at the bottom and you can see the results below.

It’s no wonder why …

  • Posted on: August 14th, 2008
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Blogging or Blogging?

Are you just Blogging or are you Blogging?

It’s funny, blogging as it comes to mind create opportunities and gives you the ability to create something of value. Darren Rouse over at ProBlogger has a post today that I wanted to take the time and mention because it is something that makes all the difference when it comes to blogging.

The thought of just cranking out an article is great when you have something to say, but if that is what you tried to do everyday, it is no wonder why so many give up, trying to crank out a …

Shut up and Blog.


Yes i’m being serious, shut up and blog, too often I hear people talk and talk and talk about how they wish the blogged or started a business, or went skydiving or whatever. The sad part is in 5 years from now they will still be talking about how they will or should do … insert your own unfulfilled promise here. Simply put talk is cheap, which is why most people do a lot of it, acomplishment has value, both of what you put in and what you get out. Ask anyone who has done something you admire …

4 easy steps to begin blogging

IF you want to start blogging, stop reading, I’m being serious, stop reading, well maybe after this post as you won’t know how to set up a blog if you stop here. The following is how I set up my first blog, it has gotten more and more complicated as time and skill level has progressed, but the simple fact is that you can be blogging in a very short time.

Step 1 – First things first.

Chose a domain. This is going to be the most difficult part, as most assuredly the one you really want is already taken, …

Blogsavvy is for sale!

I think it’s time to hand over the reins of Blogsavvy to someone who can make a decent business out of it given that I’m pretty much flat out with Edublogs and Incsub stuff these days.

So, here’s your chance to get hold of not just a great established PR 5/6 ‘about blogs’ site that could easily be converted into a damn good publication with ads sorta thing, but also a business in it’s own right that’ll get you heaps of contacts for blog consultancy, development, design and whatever else you fancy.

Check out this Google for Blog Consultant, for …

  • Posted on: February 21st, 2008
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