Let’s start a blog

It Begins

As I am sitting on the couch for the first time all day I get a chance to watch Sex and the City reruns on TBS, but I start thinking about a conversation my husband and I had and it leads me to take an opportunity with BlogSavvy to invite everyone to walk with me through my virgin experience of blogging.

About 6 months ago my husband asked me to start a blog for our family.  Without hesitation I told him no!  Why would I want to start a blog, who is going to look at our blog …

  • Posted on: September 24th, 2008
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Drive By Commenting

Nice Shot?

Really Nice Shot, If you were trying to NOT hit the target then you are the best I’ve ever seen.  If you were trying to hit the target then. YOU SUCK!.  The problem is if I asked Blogger’s what their Target is most won’t be able to come up with anything specific other than: “lot’s of traffic”.  But what exactly does that mean.


There are 3 types of blog traffic Direct, Referral and Search Engine Traffic.

  • Direct Traffic

Direct traffic is from someone, anyone typing in your web address into their browser and coming directly to your …

The 10 Best Olympic Gold Blog Titles for Free

“Killer Tiles”?

While you might think you have a”Killer Title” you may in essence have nothing more than the leftovers, so how do you stand out from the crowd?  Simple you don’t follow the crowd, if they are writing about “Goldfish” for example, you should write about “Oscar fish eat Goldfish”. You can stay relevant to the “hot” topic without sounding like you simply read someone’s work and then paraphrased it.  Be original, that is the essence of a “Killer Title”.  Here are 10 other ideas to help you create an Olympic Gold Blog Title. (if there ever is such …

  • Posted on: August 26th, 2008
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Blogging or Blogging?

Are you just Blogging or are you Blogging?

It’s funny, blogging as it comes to mind create opportunities and gives you the ability to create something of value. Darren Rouse over at ProBlogger has a post today that I wanted to take the time and mention because it is something that makes all the difference when it comes to blogging.

The thought of just cranking out an article is great when you have something to say, but if that is what you tried to do everyday, it is no wonder why so many give up, trying to crank out a …

Community Blogging Benefits

The Benefits of being a part of a Blogging Community.

I want to challenge your perception that these are communities, despite what it says on their home page. All they are is proximity; they’re places where there are people in the same place, or associated to the same thing, But I don’t think that that’s what defines a community.

I know alot of people have written about the great online community, and I’m not going to copy what they have said, except to highlight some points. Many talk about the relationships and the exchange of commonly value things, among other …

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