Is Twitter the next BIG thing?

Is it the next big thing?

Yesterday a friend introduced me to twitter , and while I thoroughly enjoyed myself, It was nice to get out the randomness of life, and while no one is following me yet, I wondered just how important Twitter  is going to become. I have my twitter account linked with BlogSavvy and haven’t decided if i want it to appear on the blog yet.  I would also like to see just how many followers I can get in the next 3 days.  Out of all the followers I will randomly pick one and send them …

  • Posted on: September 30th, 2008
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Drive By Commenting

Nice Shot?

Really Nice Shot, If you were trying to NOT hit the target then you are the best I’ve ever seen.  If you were trying to hit the target then. YOU SUCK!.  The problem is if I asked Blogger’s what their Target is most won’t be able to come up with anything specific other than: “lot’s of traffic”.  But what exactly does that mean.


There are 3 types of blog traffic Direct, Referral and Search Engine Traffic.

  • Direct Traffic

Direct traffic is from someone, anyone typing in your web address into their browser and coming directly to your …

Blog for Bloggings sake.

Why do you blog?

It’s a simple question yet for so many the answer is simple, MONEY, the problem is two fold, who in the hell are YOU and Who in the hell are you?  While the two questions might look the same they are in fact very different, I’ll explain.

Who in the hell are YOU?

The fact remains that if you are trying to teach someone to swim, you yourself in fact had better know how to swim.  This is the main reason why those who are blogging about making money and yet have very little experience fail …

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Multi user blog tools – overall ratings and reviews

These are the final ratings of a broader review of the multi-user blogging solutions Drupal, Elgg, Manila, Movable Type, WordPress MultiUser and pLog. These particular applications were selected for review due to the authors familiarity with them, their php / MySQL configuration and… time limitations. If you would like to suggest another particular product and offer a comparison between it and these here, please do so in the comments.

Drupal is an excellent content management system or focussed community management application that doesn’t really cut the mustard when it comes to providing multiple blogs. Technically perfect but is limited by …

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7 ways to avoid Blogging Failure

Really you don’t have to be a Blogging Failure 1. Use spell checker

While this sounds like child’s play, many fail to use it and therefore there posts look unprofessional. Use it and even if you get a few words wrong if the content is great the readers will forgive you, as most likely they will learn more about you, so don’t be shy letting them know English is not your first language. Give it some time, and read up on some grammar books and within no time you won’t have a problem.

2. Become Regular

Whether it’s once a …

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