Creating Permalinks

Have you met this cute little box in your WordPress write post/page screen? It’s a simple little box really and sometimes, when collapsed it’s easy to pass up.

But it holds a very special value and it’s one that should not be overlooked when you’re working to create the next best blog in the world (or not and just want your blog to be seen).

When you’re using a permalink structure that displays the name of your post in the URL, it’s post slug that’ll work best for you.

(And just for the record, the default permalink structure that WordPress …

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Branding Your Name or Blog

When someone says your name, do you turn and look?

Chances are, you just said yes. And so did I when I read Daniel’s post on Daily Blog Tips about names. It sparked a thought in me that I’ve had a few times and am now sharing with you.

Previously I’ve mentioned personal branding and talked about how you would want someone to see you through your avatar or online branding.

A lot of people don’t consider branding when they’re blogging for fun.  Yet they still go about their branding and networking never once taking into consideration how others see …

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15 Ways to Create a Blogging Environment

One of my favorite things about my own blog and a few others that I have found is that I feel like I’m part of an environment every time I visit. The posts feel personable and as though I’m having a conversation, commentators bring more personality to the posts, and a community has emerged rather than a place to just get information.

When I considered what it is I liked about other blogs, I wondered “how can someone create this environment?”

Here’s my personal Obsessive Compulsive Disorder approach to creating a warm and friendly environment for your blog.

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Would you Buy Blog Comments?

Buy Blog Comments

First, anyone can just buy some comments? That seems strange and really, hardly worth the money even on the blogs that follow.  On the other hand, the comments that are left appear to be ones that are relevant to the post that they are left on and not just some spam comments that are going to be deleted anyway.

Who’s buying the comments?

Are those purchasing the comments big name advertisers that want the link love? Advertisers that should really be hookin’ themselves up with PayPerPost or are they simply other bloggers who don’t have a lot …

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Is Twitter the next BIG thing?

Is it the next big thing?

Yesterday a friend introduced me to twitter , and while I thoroughly enjoyed myself, It was nice to get out the randomness of life, and while no one is following me yet, I wondered just how important Twitter  is going to become. I have my twitter account linked with BlogSavvy and haven’t decided if i want it to appear on the blog yet.  I would also like to see just how many followers I can get in the next 3 days.  Out of all the followers I will randomly pick one and send them …

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