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What do you mean Blogging for a Cause?

A Cause?

Blogging for a Cause is similar to Blogging for your Community however Blogging for a Cause has a purpose or a motive behind the blog. The availability of topics is vast, it could be for breast cancer, bone cancer, there are literally hundreds of types of cancer, so picking just one would be easy, typically someone starts blogging for a cause “after” it has affected them, either directly or indirectly.

A Great Example

The Assertive Cancer Patient is a great example of a blog becoming a rallying point for others who can identify with the authors point of view, their trials and frustrations and who can genuinely bask in the feeling of success. Jeanne, is also a very talented writer, which only helps her have a successful blog, use her as a resource as you look to start your own Blog Cause.

A Personal Note

On a personal note: I didn’t fully understand how powerful a blog could be with this until my wife was recently diagnosed with Bone Caner. Where did I turn, well there were medical blogs but they didn’t give the hope and sunshine vibe I was looking for, I eventually found what I was looking for in many different blogs. I was amazed at the “collective” (take from Star Trek) mind these patients, friends, family members and loved ones had towards sharing what I considered most difficult: addressing our mortality. It was however great to see the success stories and to read about how for a luck few miracles do happen. So not that I would ever wish something like this on you, but given this life frailty and the shear numbers of “trials” we will all have to go through in this life, you are bound to know of someone who could benefit from either reading or starting a blog centered around a specific Cause.

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