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Community Blogging Benefits

The Benefits of being a part of a Blogging Community.

I want to challenge your perception that these are communities, despite what it says on their home page. All they are is proximity; they’re places where there are people in the same place, or associated to the same thing, But I don’t think that that’s what defines a community.

I know alot of people have written about the great online community, and I’m not going to copy what they have said, except to highlight some points. Many talk about the relationships and the exchange of commonly value things, among other things. Some talk about common interests, frequent interaction, identification, and a few talk about articulated patterns of relationships, roles, norms. These accounts of community are pretty typical, they’re pretty widespread, and you can find them in most of the online community.

Benefit # 1

The first benefit i want to draw your attention to is the idea that there is a network, a large group of individuals, looking out for themselves, and possibly looking out for you. I say this as my old theory goes, “every one will feed their family first even if it mean you not feeding yours”. I not mean to go off on a tangent, however it must be recognized that within every great community there are those who “give” and there are those who “take”. The great benefit of a Blogging Community is the atmosphere that “most” are there to “give”. Needless to say, you should be aware and cautious until you full understand a persons motive.

The ability to network with one another is a huge advantage to community blogging, You never know who you might bump into or who you might meet that can help you. There are a myriad of ways this manifests itself, the most common is employment. You meet someone and they either are hiring or know someone who is hiring and after a few interactions they refer you and “bam” you have a better job, and without the community your new connection and position would have gone to someone else.

Benefit # 2

Drama, while it might sound like you are back in high school, the fact remains that we as adults, still want to feel like we know what is going on, it makes us feel connected, and important, while the negative attribute won’t be discussed here, they will be discussed later. One large part of being part of a community is celebrating the success of others, and sometimes celebrating failures. It’s similar to high school, every Monday morning you would find out, who’s dating who, who slept with who, who broke up with who, who did what and essentially it gave a sense of purpose, while the meaning of the word might sound incorrect, the action is true, purpose, was the fulfillment of the activity, to become a part of the community.

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