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Let’s start a blog

It Begins

As I am sitting on the couch for the first time all day I get a chance to watch Sex and the City reruns on TBS, but I start thinking about a conversation my husband and I had and it leads me to take an opportunity with BlogSavvy to invite everyone to walk with me through my virgin experience of blogging.

About 6 months ago my husband asked me to start a blog for our family.  Without hesitation I told him no!  Why would I want to start a blog, who is going to look at our blog any way.  My immediate family has no desire to go to a web site and look at photos of my family and read stories about us and I am not much of a social person so none of my 3 friends are going to check it out either.  The temptation my husband was pouring out was not getting sucked up by me.  He asked me if he could do it and I told him no because he would loose our pictures and write something insane about us.  Which obviously caused a fight between us.  But the conversation was over about our non-existence blog.

I recently learned how blogs can help me stay up to date on my community.  During a “girls night out” I find out that I am behind in the world.  A bunch of girls got together to play games, eat yummy brownies and basically just get away from our kids.  When we found ourselves playing bunco and gabbing about blogging.  Each women asking the other for her blog address.  My thoughts were why?  Where do you find the time to visit all these blogs and read about their lives.  I admit I would love to sit down and catch up on my friends life, but what about a phone call, texting, or good old fashioned email?  Is blogging the new form of conversation?

Whats Next

I will begin by posting a few times a week and I would like to invite everyone to travel with me through the journey of learning the ins and outs of blogging.  I will post my experiences on blog savvy on what blogging is all about.  My complaints, frustrations and joys of blogging.

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