Popular Affiliate Networks

While many niche bloggers can go out and find their own affiliate programs from smaller companies often times many brand names are affiliated with an Affiliate Network. Here is a listing of some of the prominent affiliate networks out there.

When searching for a good product or service to promote, be sure to check all the networks. You may find that same company on a different network offering a slightly hire commission rate. This is often times because different networks have different fee structures. Also many affiliate network programs out there offer a bonus like OneNetworkDirect from Digital River.

Onto …

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Blogs a Must for Some Companies

We have discussed many great tips on setting up Blogs for businesses.  It’s a great way to relay current information to customers and in some cases it is an absolute must.

Today we are going to examine one such site.  The burl is http://www.destinationstationseries.com/. The company is Iron Fire publishing and they just finished their first children’s book called “The Greedy Race Car Driver”.  I my self ended up making an order because it is a rather unique product.  More on that later.

The reason we wanted to examine the site is because it’s 100% flash based.  That means that …

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