Blog for Bloggings sake.

Why do you blog?

It’s a simple question yet for so many the answer is simple, MONEY, the problem is two fold, who in the hell are YOU and Who in the hell are you?  While the two questions might look the same they are in fact very different, I’ll explain.

Who in the hell are YOU?

The fact remains that if you are trying to teach someone to swim, you yourself in fact had better know how to swim.  This is the main reason why those who are blogging about making money and yet have very little experience fail at it.  It also contributes to the fact that there are multiple blogs set up almost every second, and within a short period of time, possibly today even, they will all be DEAD.  Why the simply fact is that with anything, if you aren’t in it for the LONG haul you aren’t really in it.

Case in point,

if you had read a book about swimming and found out that people in your town were willing to pay $25 buck to learn how to swim, you would run right out there and set up a “Learn to Swim” site and try and direct the local towns people to it, you could have a ton of pictures, a ton of useful information, even a diagram of what you should do to swim, where you should put your hands, and how to kick etc, etc.

The main problem


I didn’t really want to shout it at you, but some of you really don’t listen that well.  The fact is that if your website is about making money online and you have never made more than $5000 online who the HELL are YOU to be telling me or your readers how to do it!  That’s why most blogs don’t make much money, they are not a creditable source for information, they are simply wondering who you are.

WHO in the Hell are you?

You asking yourself what is the main difference between the two questions? Is transparency. If you are someone who never has made more than $5000 online, then tell people that, make it apparent, let them know that you are only 5 days ahead of them and that you can at least guide them through the first 5 days, and if you stick within you might always be 5 days ahead.  This kind of attitude exudes the fact that while you are new, you still have something to offer, it might not be the neatest and greatest, but it is of value.

No how do you keep them, tell the truth, let your readers know who you are, the fact is that every Make Money Online blogger started out with a little more or less than you did as to knowledge about making money online, the key is that some started years ago.  They make money from other avenues online and simply blog about it to let you know that they have been there and done that, the same as you would to those beginning.

Create a Brand

This is the content for another post I’m writing, but wanted to share it here.

If you look at developing a BRAND, you will in essence create inherent value within that brand, and therby anyone associated within gains a sense of this value, they reap the rewards of it.  There is only selfishness in wanting your blog to make money before you truely have something to offer the advertisiers.  Get Real.

So Who in the HELL are You?

  • Posted on: September 2nd, 2008
  • Category: Featured, Just Blogging
  1. axiobloggerNo Gravatar said on September 2nd, 2008 at 6:25 pm

    That is the problem with blogs that tells you how to do something when the author is not an expect. He probably read about the topic somewhere and decided to frame it as his own.

  2. BlogSavvyNo Gravatar said on September 2nd, 2008 at 9:16 pm

    You make a great point a blog isn’t about jut regurgitating what others have said it’s about creating your own Brand. Thanks for the comment

  3. BcarterNo Gravatar said on September 3rd, 2008 at 4:20 am

    Great post. This is one of the biggest problems with the MMO blogs that are starting up. Many of them haven’t made a dime, so they regurgitate the same BS that many of the other MMO bloggers are coughing up.

  4. BlogSavvyNo Gravatar said on September 3rd, 2008 at 7:38 am

    That is the most frustrating part of the MMO niche. There are too many followers and only a few leaders, sure you can start out learning, but be honest and let people know you are simply learning how not that you are a “guru” yet. Thanks for the comment.

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