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Branding Your Name or Blog

When someone says your name, do you turn and look?

Chances are, you just said yes. And so did I when I read Daniel’s post on Daily Blog Tips about names. It sparked a thought in me that I’ve had a few times and am now sharing with you.

Previously I’ve mentioned personal branding and talked about how you would want someone to see you through your avatar or online branding.

A lot of people don’t consider branding when they’re blogging for fun.  Yet they still go about their branding and networking never once taking into consideration how others see them online.

For me, branding has always been something that I have thought about.  Something about having the business Dad that I do has pushed me into believing that branding is important.

When it comes to blogging, there are many different ways you can brand yourself to the public. The ones that I consider to be the biggest is what I will touch on with this post.

Site Registration

How many times have you been asked to define a user name at a website? Nearly too many times, right?

When I started blogging, BlogSavvy was my only blog. I never hesitated to enter my user name as BlogSavvy.  When the second blog came along I realized that I was starting to brand myself as one blog when I’d be promoting multiple blogs.  Something I should have thought about ahead of time and didn’t.

Currently and finally, my user name on all the new sites I’ve registered at is BlogSavvy. If you’re searching for me on a site one of these two names will get me if I’m there.

Obscure, obscene and strange names with networking sites don’t work well. Know that I will be turned off by your user name alone if it sounds like anything inappropriate.

And what if I’m looking for you online and cannot find you because your user name isn’t something that’s obvious?

Enabling your friends or fans to find you by specific names will keep you reachable and personable.

Domain Name

This may not be right for everyone but it very much applies to me. Always purchase the .net and .org domains, you don’t want someone coming along after you’ve spent considerable time and effort to develop a brand taking away market share from you because you didn’t buy them in the beginning.  A real Problem I deal with as dot com was already taken.

EMail Address

You know my name and you know my URL, chances are with a lot of people this is going to get you to my email address. It wouldn’t be hard to presume that I have an email address at BlogSavvy and even less harder to presume that I’d use my name as my email address.

Attempts to send me mail without my contact form will be received. The only reason I try to keep my email address out of public view is simply so that I am not spammed. I have enough of that already.

Keep it simple so that you’re reachable. While I love my friend Jared, but I can no longer tell you his email address. I’ve lost count at how many times he’s changed it.  So, when you must change your email address, simply forward the old address to the new one. You won’t miss any emails and you’ll still be reachable.


It’s OK with me for you to use keywords as your name when you’re commenting. In fact this drives me absolutely insane and every time it happens, I hesitate to actually allow your comment, to not modify your name or remove your URL.

It’s not personable, it’s not branding, it’s keyword spamming my blog and frankly I find it rude. So maybe a lot of people are going to disagree with this point, I’m OK with that.

There are 3 exceptions I tend to make with this:

  1. You’ve left a hearty well thought out comment that tells me a lot more than “nice post.”
  2. Once you’ve left your hearty comment, you’ve signed your comment with your real name.
  3. Instead of your real name, you put your blog’s name and yet still signed your real name at the end of your comment.

Commenting should be personable, don’t make it a keyword farm. This is even more true when you run into a blogger, like me, that trys to respond to almost every comment. Do you really believe that I want to address or network with a keyword?


Chances are you haven’t thought about RSS with your branding, but this is usually my first thought when it comes to branding.  I read a ton of feeds with Bloglines.  I enjoy my feed reader but am often turned off by feeds that don’t include the author’s name with the post.

When I haven’t spent a lot of time with a blog, I need to be reminded of the author’s name, even when it’s not a mult-author blog.  With more than 100 blogs I read via feed, you cannot possibly believe that I would remember the first name of every single blogger I read. I can’t.

With WordPress, ensuring that your name is attached to your feed is as simple as defining an admin name other than admin.  Allow me to start to remember your name by having your name actually set in your post. When it comes time that I will converse with you, send you an email, or comment on your blog allow me to address you personally as you would me if you were responding to my comments.


Be consistent is usually the key here. I say, make them appropriate. No one wants to look at something that is just plain rude or obscene. And you may think it doesn’t happen often but it does. A lot of us are sitting here networking with children, make it appropriate.

A lot of people will suggest that you find a picture of yourself and use it everywhere for ultimate branding. That’s probably true. However, I’m a fan of your logo being your Avatar, it make everyone see you logo, and for those marketing people out there, the more times someone sees your logo the more memorable it becomes.

The thing is, the images you choose to use are still you, they’re appropriate and non-offense. Most of all, their kid-safe. Make sure yours are too.


How do your brand yourself? It’s typically one of the least thought of aspects but I bet maybe you realize now that you’re already doing it. Are you branding your name in a way that will turn out to be affective for you?

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