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Is Twitter the next BIG thing?


Is it the next big thing?

Yesterday a friend introduced me to twitter , and while I thoroughly enjoyed myself, It was nice to get out the randomness of life, and while no one is following me yet, I wondered just how important Twitter  is going to become. I have my twitter account linked with BlogSavvy and haven’t decided if i want it to appear on the blog yet.  I would also like to see just how many followers I can get in the next 3 days.  Out of all the followers I will randomly pick one and send them $10 via PayPal.  Obviously the lower the number the better your chances, but it’s not going to count if i don’t get at least 20.

How big is Twitter going to get?

WikipediaWikipedia, reports that as of July 2008, there are 2,200,000 registered Twitter users. Wow that shows the grow to be fart faster than even viral, in little over 2 years the company has grown to 2M users. Twitter will likely be acquired in the near future by, yep you guessed it, Google or someone trying to be like Google. The key here is how does someone monetize the service, i don’t want to get a bunch of SMS ads, I can see the potential for bloggers to implement it into their blogs, as i have. Which i think is a good way to make the blog more “followable”, which in turn would drive up the traffic to the blog site, which in return would generate more money from advertising on the blog.

So far I’m a Twitter fan! I always have random thoughts and Twitter allows me to get those out!

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  • Posted on: September 30th, 2008
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  1. Hugo SantosNo Gravatar said on October 2nd, 2008 at 6:52 am

    well, i just can’t like twitter. I can’t enjoy it. I still hope to see benefits from it….

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