The 10 Best Olympic Gold Blog Titles for Free

“Killer Tiles”?

While you might think you have a”Killer Title” you may in essence have nothing more than the leftovers, so how do you stand out from the crowd?  Simple you don’t follow the crowd, if they are writing about “Goldfish” for example, you should write about “Oscar fish eat Goldfish”. You can stay relevant to the “hot” topic without sounding like you simply read someone’s work and then paraphrased it.  Be original, that is the essence of a “Killer Title”.  Here are 10 other ideas to help you create an Olympic Gold Blog Title. (if there ever is such a thing)

  1. Use a Famous Company in your title (Google, Nike, Yahoo)
  2. Use a Famous Person in your title (Lindsay Lohan, P Diddy, Christoph Merrill)
  3. Use a hot topic word (elections, olympics, NY Marathon)
  4. Use these in combination (P.Diddy runs the NY Marathon in Nike’s)
  5. Create Urgency (before you start swimming read this)
  6. Create Value (How to change your life…)
  7. Give a Short List (10 best…, 5 thing to…, 365 days to a…)
  8. Use a random title (Something completely unrelated to the topic)
  9. Offer something for free (e book, discount code, information)
  10. The last one is crucial, TAKE YOUR TIME! (do some research, study it, develop a title

The list contains items used to develop a popular blog, the titles will create traffic and the traffic will be looking for the titles specifics,  IF and i do mean IF you can catch them within your post, you will hve a chance of creating a future reader. Good Luck.

  • Posted on: August 26th, 2008
  • Category: Community, Just Blogging
  1. shaun mclaneNo Gravatar said on August 27th, 2008 at 9:48 am

    Might want to read your first line in the post. You have “Killer TILES.” Think you missed a T.

    It’s a good post, but the title actually confused me. After reading it, I understood, but I’m not sure it was concise. Although, it did get me to click, so job well done. :)

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