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What’s Your Reason to Blog?

All right, I admit it, I’m fascinated with blogging. Suddenly, anyone that chooses to use their voice has a place to stand up and be seen by simply creating a blog and talking. Each day, new blogs spring up out of no where and it won’t be long before you discover that new blog.

But with the idea of blogging, there comes one simple question that must be asked? “who are you blogging for?”

Without planning it, I am now really blogging for bloggers and adding my own personal spin on old ideas, talking about the hottest topics on the web, and yet still sharing a lot of myself if you’re reading between the lines.

So, what’s the point of this post?

Who are you blogging for and why do you want to blog for them?

Asking yourself this question you’ll gain focus to creating your blog posts, knowing why you want to blog for these people will drive you to a niche (even if you don’t want one), and teach you how to better find the information you need to create these blog posts.

In the long run, regardless of how you feel about niche blogging, everyone has a niche. It used to be that my niche was me. And now, I’ll leave myself undefined because while this post might be helpful to some, tomorrow’s post may not help the same group of people that this one does.

Here are some things to think about while creating your posts, regardless of who you are creating your posts for.

1. Understand your readers. What do they want to know, how can you include them in the conversation, and what do they want to walk away with after reading your post?

2. Believe in what you’re saying. If you love something, love it to the end. If you think Google is the greatest, believe it and follow through with it. Controversy will spark conversation.

3. Resources keep you informative even if people don’t want to fully invest in what you are saying. If you’re talking about a specific person or blogger, link to them, information about them, or a previous post you have done about the person.

4. Get a grip on deep linking. Because your posts are always on topic you have other information written somewhere that’ll help you with the next blog post. By deep linking within your blog you’ll keep your readers more engaged.

5. Consider “wrap up” posts at the end of each month highlighting the best of for that month. Maybe a reader missed something and you’re simply reinforcing previous information by wrapping up your month with a link to each of your great posts for that month.

6. Create news, even if you’re blogging about your own life. If you were going to sit down and blog about your personal life tell us stories like you would your Mom who you haven’t seen in some time. Give us the juicy details to get us wanting to know more.

7. Ask questions of your readers. By doing so you’re prompting them to leave a comment, add in their two cents, or create a blog post linking back to yours to answer the question(s) you have asked of your readers.

Everyone who blogs eventually discovers their voice and their reason to blog. It doesn’t matter what your reason is or how your voice is portrayed on your blog. It matters that what you’re doing is on topic, reaches at least one person, and gives information that is useful to have visitors come back, subscribe to feed, or mention you.

Blogging is fun, it doesn’t matter what niche you’re in. As long as you’re enjoying yourself you’re going to find that others are too!

  • Posted on: October 21st, 2008
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  1. LAlawbloggerNo Gravatar said on October 24th, 2008 at 2:19 am

    Blogging is one venue where you impart to the readers your thoughts or opinions on certain things. You must be interested with the subject you are writing so that you may be able to talk about it deeply and academically, if possible. It could be made just for fun or for monetary purpose.

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