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Better Alexa Rank In Just Days

Improve Your Alexa RankIn the Race to Rank series I reported last month that my Alexa rank was at 166,686.

My goal is to reach below 80,000 by February 2009. At the rate I have watched my Alexa rank decrease (remember, lower is better), I figured that this type of goal was not only obtainable but I could easily do better.

Using the Sparky add-on for Firefox, when I visit my sites on a daily basis I watch to see how rank is improving or declining. This is vital information for me to know on all of my sites. Losing traffic and rank for me means I’m losing business. This isn’t good so I heavily monitor what’s happening with rank on all my sites.

Today, as I logged into my dashboard to see the comments left over night I noticed that my rank with Alexa has changed. More specifically today’s Alexa rank is 156,977.

Quick math tells you that in just 20 days, my Alexa rank has dropped by 9,709.

Logic says, what happened? We’ve got to repeat what happened on my blog in the last 20 days to reach the 100,000 goal by January.  And continuing the same steps, how can I drop to 90,000 or maybe even lower?

The best way for me to sum up what has happened in the last 20 days is to give you just one word:


Yes, that’s right. StumbleUpon brought so many visitors in the last 5 days with two different blog posts. This is the only thing out of the ordinary for BlogSavvy.

To get specific, the post Race for Rank was stumbled several times which brought 617 visitors to my site directly from StumbleUpon.

If you’re keeping track, this means that in two days BlogSavvy had 968 visitors from StumbleUpon and that’s not counting residual traffic for either post on the same or different days.

The lesson learned is to write posts which will help you bring in traffic. You knew this, didn’t you? I mean, how many times exactly have we, as bloggers, heard Content is King. Aren’t you sick of it at this point?

However, the truth remains that while the saying sucks, it’s absolutely true. If your posts are on topics that people actually care about and you do the networking required to promote such posts, you’ll have traffic. Traffic is links, better Alexa rank, and in the long run, a better blog community.

A simple, simple post that explained I knew there was an update because I had pages on my blog, previously not ranked, showing PageRank.

Here’s the lesson of this post:

Pay attention to your ranks, know what they are if you want to make them better. Knowing where you’re at, what your ranking average is, and where you want to be will give you an idea of how to properly promote and network your blogs.

Next, make sure you have something that’s going to report real time statistics for your site. For example, I use and monitor daily my stats with the WordPress.com stats plugin. This has been vital to me.

I find it important to monitor my stats like this in real time because it lets me know where to spend time networking that day. It means if I’m getting heavy traffic from StumbleUpon, I need to head over to the site and spend time networking. It brings in more visitors. And the truth is, if you’re just getting a few visits from StumbleUpon, you can head over there and network to bring in more.

It doesn’t matter where your numbers are at, but on a day when you’re receiving a great deal of hits from one source, spend your time networking that day at that source.

In the end, I have proof now that having posts stumbled will indeed help me to lower my Alexa ranking.

  • Posted on: November 10th, 2008
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  1. Alan UnderkoflerNo Gravatar said on November 19th, 2008 at 2:50 pm

    Great thoughts on improving your Alexa ranking! I must admit this is something I have been looking at for the last few months. It’s great to hear about a working strategy! Any others?

    Alan Underkofler

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