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How hard is it to get started making money online

I recently held a private meeting with a few individuals about how to get started making money online and what they can expect.  It is not hard at all to make money online.  The trick is how long is it going to take you,  how much it will cost you and the time involved.

A new person into affiliate marketing that I helped to train was able to start generating around 100 dollars a month in come starting his first month out the door.  He invested around 7 hours in training with me and an aditional 40 hours that first month to generate that income.  The thing is he has done nothing after the frist motnh and is still generating that 100 a month.  If he actually kept going and kept up that 40 hours a month I am sure he would be making more and over the course of many years you can make a very nice living online.

Getting started is not hard and it takes little investment.  If you have money.  All the better because you can invest in some training and guides.  If you wanted to start a blog like this site is then the cost for a domain name is going to be 10 dollars each year and then you will have the cost of hosting which is around 10 dollars a month.  So a total out of pocket expense to you can be as low as 130 dollars a year.

A great quick guide that I recommend out can be downloade by following this link www.blogsavvy.net/uploads/plr_process_Rebranded.pdf .   While this is a very basic book, it’s filled with many of the things I do to generate a nice 6 figure income each year.

It can take years of work to generate a very good solid income online but like all things.  The more you do it the more you learn and the better you get at it.  When you first get started you will find that after a good 40 hours of work you may of only made a 1 that first month.  But the nice thing about affiliate marketting is as your sites start to age and you build up that traffic each and every month then you will start making more and more sales.  I made a total of 10 dollars my first month and I must of put in at least 100 hours.  Granted I had know idea what I was doing and most of that was reading everything I could get my hands on about how to make money online.  Now even if I do not put in a single hour of work I will still most likely make 300-700 for the day.  It all pays off in the long run.

When getting started I think the most important thing is to have a game plan in place as well as a goal.  In the next few weeks I am going to start to build up a FREE game plan for people and maybe will even hold a few conference calls with my readers.

As for the goal we can cover that part now.  I alsways recommend you start with a smaller goal that is still hard to achieve.  My goal was to pay for all my grocies each month.  Between my significant other, myself and my son the total is around 400 on food.  So my goal was to make 400 dollars.  It took close to 7 months for me to first hit that goal.  I have no idea how many man hours but it was a lot of late nights.  Of course I did not have a well thought out plan and it wasn’t untill that 6th month of doing things that I found out about the guys who wrote that book I recommended earlier.  These guys are the ones that got me on track and thanks to them I am now were I’m at today.

Stay tuned for some great info on exaclty what to do to get started.  I am going to be releasing all this info free of charge because I know what it’s like to be broke.

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