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Popular Affiliate Networks

While many niche bloggers can go out and find their own affiliate programs from smaller companies often times many brand names are affiliated with an Affiliate Network. Here is a listing of some of the prominent affiliate networks out there.

When searching for a good product or service to promote, be sure to check all the networks. You may find that same company on a different network offering a slightly hire commission rate. This is often times because different networks have different fee structures. Also many affiliate network programs out there offer a bonus like OneNetworkDirect from Digital River.

Onto the list of Affiliate Networks:

Google Adsense/Double Click: Google is on of the main sources of income for many bloggers and affiliates. With the acquisition of Double Click you can find plenty of products and services to promote. The is one of the best and easiest ways to monetize your blog and to supplement your income.

Commission Junction (www.cj.com): This company is one of the oldest out there and you are sure to find many top brand names. I have had my differences with this company and in some situations felt treated un fare but in no means am I going to stop working with them. With many top Brand names programs you are sure to find a few products to promote.

Click Bank (www.clickbank.com): I do not promote too many CB products. These are all 100% digital products. Many e-book and software companies. They often have very generous payout structures because it is in a digital format. As many people know this is a great way to sell your own digital product and gain affiliates with out trying too hard. As stated earlier I do not promote many of their products. Most to seem to be junk programs and I can’t bring my self to recommend them. That’s not to say you can’t find some real GEMS.

Share A Sale: (www.shareasale.com) This is a network that everyone needs to be apart of. Like CJ you will find thousands of products and service that can fit your niche and needs.

Link Share: (www.linkshare.com): Many of the world’s top products are offered on this ad network. Just like many of the above you need to be apart of it.

One Network Direct: (www.onenetworkdirect.com) This is another software site. This is a Digital River company. You can check out Digital River over at www.digitalriver.com. I use One Network Direct for the vast majority of all my software sales. I have many reasons like the fact that they offer only top name products and are very willing to work with me. Another is the bonus structure. While 1-3% extra in bonus may not sound like a whole lot at the end of the quarter it’s another grand in my pocket.

I know we have not covered all affiliate programs out there. If you have a favorite you use all the time and love be sure to post it for others. I only listed some of the main ones.

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