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Tracking Sales is a must for Affiliates

One of the biggest mistakes many people make starting out is not tracking sales.  As an affiliate marketer even I made this mistake.  I would notice that one day I sold 10 products.  Yes I knew what I sold due to my affiliate network but had no idea what website sold it or what click produced the sale.


It just kind of hit me one day.  I was reading an article about how to increase conversion rates and the one thing they kept hitting on was to spilt test and track results.  The sky cleared and a big light just shined down on me.  Track the sale to know what page the sale is coming from and from what type of link.

While I don’t very few products there is one I like to use on all my blogs.  I use this tool for several reasons.  The first is it auto links to any keyword or keyword phrase on my blog while at the same time hiding my affiliate link.  I only hide the link  NOT CLOACK it.  This plug-in is a great check it out at  www.affiliatepro.com. Now this tool alone will track the clicks on blogs but will not track the sales.

Almost all affiliate programs out there will let you ad tracking ID’s to the link.  I normally track what site the link is one for example if it was on my personal website blogsavvy then I would name it Blogsavvy or a variation like BS.  Then I mark were the link is located ie.. Banner type or size, in-text, top.  Things like this.  Then you can name the page.  This way when a sale happens you know the website, the page of the site and the link location.

A great free tool you can use to hide or mask your affiliate link on static web pages or any page for that matter is http://www.ragepank.com/articles/hide-affiliate-links/.  You can even use this with the WP Affiliate PRO plug-in and that’s the way I have it setup.

As alwasy be sure and comment.  Do you have a tool you like to use ?  Do you have a better way of tracking and want to share?

  • Posted on: February 1st, 2009
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