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Yes. Jesus failed.

Even Jesus was a Failure too!

Jesus was a Failure too! I don’t want to get into a pissing match with you about the fact that you think that Jesus was perfect, but in fact he was not, now don’t get me wrong, i don’t believe he ever committed a sin, but I have to believe he made mistakes.

This should make you at least feel better about your own life, if you are emulating Jesus. This might come to you as a surprise but I will allow you to process the information below.

Think for a minute, Jesus was a carpenter, now I am willing to stake my entire existence on the fact that while Jesus was perfect in the site of God, he still failed as a carpenter.

You are a Failure too!

Have you ever experimented with power tools? I have and the old adage of “measure twice, cut once” has yet to be a fool proof way for me to make a perfect cut. Typically I have to take multiple cuts to get the board the right length, and I have a Bosch 18” radial arm miter saw with a Laser line to make sure that you cut it in the right spot. Home Depot loves me for this, not only did I buy the saw there, but typically when I’m doing a project I make at least 3- 5 trips that day, all because i either forgot something or i failed and doing it right and need more materials.

Now to my point, when Jesus lived they didn’t have power tools, everything was made by hand. Therefore it leads me to believe, while I can’t prove it, that Jesus cut a few boards the wrong length,  they were either too short or too long from time to time and so while you look at Him as a perfect being, He was in fact a failure at his profession.

However the thing that made him a perfect teacher was that He knew that Failure was part of the learning process, so He happily Failed, He would say to himself (I’m totally making this up) “So what if I cut the board the wrong length, or so what if I chiseled it down too far, I’ll get it right the next time, because there will be a next time.  I’m not going to let a little mistake from allowing me to get it right.”

“What the hell does this have to do with making your BlogSavvy?”

The main difference between people who are successful and YOU, is they didn’t give up when they made a few or a ton of mistakes. If Your like 90% of the people in this world, you simply have a bad habit of giving up after a few times of Failure, but that’s the secret, here it is, you are supposed to fail, SO now you know it do something about it, if you publish a post with spelling errors make a point not to do that again, if you aren’t very good at affiliate marketing, then learn how to do it better, learn how to get a better conversion rate.  My point is blogging is hard, and while there are those that succeed, we have faild over and over, and it only looks like we don’t fail as much, simply because we already have done what you are now starting to do.

  • Posted on: October 1st, 2008
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  1. Hugo SantosNo Gravatar said on October 2nd, 2008 at 6:49 am

    it is the human nature. we all make mistakes. We just need to make sure that we get a valuable lesson from the mistake, and make sure next time things can be different. better

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